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Great idea for organization..will you make me 100 of them? LOL

Linda Cain

One word...brilliant!


Nan Robkin

Great idea,Jim! The way you did the magnets was super cool! And the ball feet to hold thigs together was truly inspired! Thanks so much for sharing!


Awesome Jim! Your video's are fantastic! We all appreciate them!

Mary Werner

Thanks for the YT tut. Can you tell me what glue you used for the plastic spinner and also the wooden balls? Love your projects!

Sharon Belanger

Your talent amazes me. TFS.

Barb E

Thanks for sharing! It was great!

The Gentleman Crafter

Hi Mary...Thank you...

I used hot glue for the spinner and Glossy Accents for the ball feet and Rangers multi matte medium for matting the lid.

Hope this helps...


Barbara Albrecht

It's great to "see" you again!!! It's been a long time buddy. We've got to get together!


Very cool. I buy lazy susans whenever I find them at garage sales. I can see using these in lots of areas of the house, though it will take a lot of them in the craft room. Thanks for a great idea and a wonderful video.


Great video, always enjoy hearing about the little extras and seeing how your fabulous mind works!


You always come up with some great ideas!!! Love this idea and thanks for making the video to explain how you did things.


Practical and good lookin' too! I'm talkin' about the organizer...the one made out of cans!


A great idea!!!
Love it!!

Queen Mary

You are a freaking genius! I saw this yesterday (or whenever your posted it and it arrived in my in box) and I sorta yawned, ho hum, but I watched your video and the wooden balls on the bottom of the fifth can, positioned so they fit into each of the first four cans, holding them together, completely wowed me! (That and I started noticing all the details I'd missed the first time, e.g. the whole magnet idea!

Scrap Désirs

Saddened for my English, your realization is great, I adore what you make thank you very much


OK....mouth agape. Simple solution to a common problem. Ingenious design. Love it.

Lynn Wild

Thanks for the video - nice to see you again (and stop worrying about your hair - we love you anyway)!
It's very clever how you put those wooden balls on the bottom of the fifth can to hold everything in place. You think of everything!


Brenda B

So creative! I've got to try this!

Lilaha Bolen

This is just beyond cool.. Can't wait to make 'em Love your work and site..

lois skiathitis

TFS!!! the video. The project is very cool and very creative. Glad I found your blog. See you in Laura's class. Great job. TFS!!! :-D


Love it! Hmmm, need about 20 of them, LOL. Great idea, as usual JimBug!

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