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Ohhhh Ahhhh, so exotic, so pretty. I love the hanging tag idea. I am going to go the easy route...I bought a 1950ish doll closet a year ago(I knew I would use it someday, whether now or when I have a granddaughter in 15 years!), so now I can use it for my tags. Ugh why did I volunteer to go the zoo with middle schoolers and why is it raining. Now I can think about covering my closet instead of the task at hand. Thanks!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thats an awesome idea Lori!  Get back to the kiddos!  There are lions, tigers and bears around!  Good to hear from ya!   Hugs!  J.

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Clever ! And awesome! Now I understand why a roto trim is a must have tool for you. You are an inspiration Jim. Have a great day.

Kay (texfolkart)

sure was worth the wait! Just love this...and like the fact that you doubled up the chipboard to make it stronger--wish i had a rotatrim!!!!!Very inspiring piece...can think of lots to do with it!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Jim

mary puskar

Jim: what a fabulous idea! I checked out the G45 post and tute and your genius is so obvious. I might just have to try one of these! Thanks so much for all your efforts and for your generosity in sharing with all of us out here in blogland.



Not there's only 6:00 a.m. here. My group will have five 13yr old boys! I had a dream(nightmare) last night that I was in a van with a caged cougar and it got out and we here hiding under blankets and it was rubbing its head on us and purring(do cougars purr?) Maybe I will ask today and embarass my son for picking 5 males for our group.Right back at ya with the hugs. :)


You, Sir, are a crafting wonder! Such a fabulous tutorial, too. Thank you!

Belinda Basson

Love the paper you used and the hangers are perfect for this project. Just a note from me in South Africa where the Zebras roam...the gals from G45 were here last month to do a convention and kept pronouncing it zeeeeebra. The "e" is in fact pronounced like the one in say it... Zebra...There...You got it! Just a bit of trivial fun.

Linda Cain

Genius...I tell ya! Jim, you're amazing!



Jim...once again, I'm saying "how does he come up with these ideas?" This armoire is just perfect. So colorful and clever. I'm amazed! Thank you.

Barbara Albrecht

Love this creative and...well...cute. You know I'm not a cutesy person and hesitate to use that word...LOL!!! Can't wait to see the next project!!!


Not only is this an amazing project, but I just have to say thank you for taking the time to do such a great tutorial. You are so generous in sharing your love for what you do!


Love this project and can't wait to give it a try! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! The tutorial is amazing. Thank you Thank you!

Mo (Mori49)

Wowzers!!! This tag armoire is so much more than I was hoping for when I asked about tag storage. Amazing! I'm very grateful for the detailed tutorial and I'm off to order my Rototrimmer.I think there'll be a shortage of cipboard when everone gets a gander at this project.
Thanks and hugs.

Wendy H

Wow!! Another amazing project. Love the vibrant colors and the use of the beautiful g45 papers. This is going to be an incredible year of g45 projects.


Amazing!!! Love the hidden attic compartment.


Perfect as always, I love the hangers!!! Thanks for share such good ideas.

Lynn Wild

Jim you're a genius! Your Armoire is amazing and I love all the details. Thank you for a very detailed tutorial too.


Nan Robkin

Jim, how long does a project like this take to do, from concept to finish? Do you do it all at one sitting (can't imagine that) or over several days? Do you make a mock-up, ever, or just go for it? It would be fun to know these things--maybe you can blog about it sometime! The armoire, like everything you do, is amazing and wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!
PS: Do you keep a huge stash of chipboard on hand in case you get inspired?

Sabine Schirm-Springob

Wow! It´s fantastic.
You are so creative and have so many beautiful ideas.


AWESOME!!! Very clever!!! Thank you for the step by step tutorial. Another one to add to my to do list.

Cindy Lou

Not only a great project for myself, but I will have to make two at the same time as the other will be a Christmas gift this year. Awesome idea and wonderfully explicit tute! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what you come up with next :) Blessings!

Molly Bee

Your projects are always so useful in addition to being visually stunning. I love your tutorials so I can try to make one too. Thanks for the inspiration and generosity.


ooh love this one, it's just sparked off a 1001 ideas!!! Love, love, love it

Margaret Ann

again fantastic, I want one, love the colour tones


This totally rocks!! You are incredible!

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