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Very cool card!! Thanks!

Trudie (aka crzyladycrafts)

Our Gentle Jim comes through once again!

Nan G

This is the second card I've seen from is FABULOUS! Way to go Jim! Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

Pamela Davis

Beautiful card Jim. Hope you have a great weekend. I have been doing all you have talked about. I have been creating, I have helped clean the garage and I have taken a much needed nap. If only they could all be three day weekends something besides papercrafting might actually get done in this house. LOL. Tomorrow the pool gets cleaned and then its no more work for this girl.

Linda Cain

Great job, Jim! Have a safe holiday.



Beautiful card! I will have to make some for the Veterans I take care of. They will definitely appreciate your creativity!

Lynn S

Tell me - just one more time - how you have a "problem" making cards...this is beautiful, Jim!

Be safe if you're on the road tomorrow...

Lynn Wild

What a lovely card, with a very ingenious mechanism - I love it! We don't have Memorial day in the UK, but maybe we should!
Enjoy your holiday.



Great card for remembering our veterans. My family has a strong military background from WWI through Vietnam. All deceased now so lots of remembering for me. Thanks for the great ideas.

Brenda B


Nancy Schultz

What an awesome card! Thank you for the how to PDF file I will have to give this a try. Thank you so much I love your style!

Barbara Albrecht

Stunning card...especially for a non-card-maker...LOL!!!

Thanks for the PDF. I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these great tutorials for all of us!


I love has such great movement and vibrancy...Fabulous!

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