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interesting tomato...LOL


Yikes...the frogs! Something for Father's Day? I can't wait!!


Thank you for so freely sharing your expertise through the world of PDFs!

Linda Cain

Soooooooooo fun!


Eric cannon

Unicorn tomato?

Barbara Albrecht

Thank you soooooo much for the PDF of the travel journal. I was going to do the copy and paste thing from the G45 website. The PDF is so much easier...for me...LOL!!!

Love all your froggies!! They will make for "musical" evenings.


Love the froggies...always enjoy spotting one or two in my garden!

Kelli Thomas

For quirky people like us ... when people ask why, I simple reply "because I can". It drives my husband nuts, but then again he should know better then to ask dumb questions. Artistic types don't look for permission we just do.

Cool tomato.


Thanks for the PDF and fun pics. Looking forward to your Fast and Easy project tomorrow. They're my favorite kind. How was the tomato? Do frogs multiply like bunnies?

Nan G

Ah, a little bit naughty a little nice to-ma-to! Be kind to my friends.:D

Ruby C

LOL! I never know what I will find on your blog, but it is always entertaining or amazing and often times both! Thanks Jim!

Barb E

Thanks for the awesome download! Now I will make it for sure! Maybe I'll even mail it to her while she's there! Nice frogs, we have a million of them at our house!

Linda Williamson

thanks for the pics love the frogs wish I could have some at my pond but my dog eats them lol Jim your humor always makes me smile your blog is the best luv ya big guy

Lynn Wild

Well, you just have to be different don't you!!! Yep, you win the "most interesting tomato of the week" contest hands down. Your froggy friends look very happy there too!



First off, you got tomatoes? I am so jealous. We were able to put ours in Mom's day and we always pray they don't float away from the Oregon rain. Look out my eight ball zuchini's are growing fast! You guessed it, from all the rain. You know why you have so many frogs..... to eat those bugs you hate! HaaaaaHaaaaa!


Oh no, frogs! When I was a kid our front and back yards became infested with 100s and 100s of frogs when a developer tried to fill in the pond across the street. We couldn't go outside barefooted for 3 years!! Yuck!! That's my frog story and I'm sticking to it...

BTW, love the Travel Journal, a really great project for gift giving!


Devil tomato. And I am jealous. Something is eating my tomatoes from the bottom, so I am 0 for 2 on harvesting those. I am moving on to cucumbers and potatos. Love the frogs. Obviously you don't have very many brown snakes! I have the tree peepers in my yard and the big fat toads. Both not good for the doggies to eat.


Love the frogs Jim!

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