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Oh how cool! Aren't new goodies wonderful?? A world of possibilities in a box!

Nan G

Great to see how excited you are about the new G45! I've got mine on order! I see altered wood boxes and possibly frames in my future! Can't wait to see what you do with them! Froggy Nan


The Lady's Diary is pretty. The halloween stuff is FANTASTIC! I love Halloween and these vintage papers are wonderful....gotta have these!


Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! It is so much fun to share in your excitement when you get your goody boxes Jim! You get just as excited about the papers as I do lol.

Linda Cain

Thanks so much for sharing, I have nose prints on my computer screen from getting close to see the little spiders on the paper back!!!
My favorite is the Clock faces!

Barbara Albrecht

The Ladies Diary collection is beautiful. The Halloween collection is cute, too. I have to confess that Halloween isn't "my" holiday but the new collection makes me want to do something with it.

Thanks for sharing your mail goodness!!


Thanks for sharing your excitement with us. You couldn't tell but I was helping you rip open the box! Both collections are great but my favorite is the Halloween!


Can't wait to see what you create out of those wonderful papers!


You're so cute, it must have been great to see you open your presents on Christmas morning, love hearing you so excited. Love the papers. Hugz, Z


I notice you like to feel and rub your papers like I do. What's up with that? I love textures so I have to touch everything. I already have a project in mind for this paper... I received all of my gramma's old photos from the early 1900's and can just see a album incorporating those photos with this paper. Gramma was a hottie in her time, and Grampa was a stud in his fancy cars!
Anxious to see what you do with them.

Lynn Wild

Wow, those are so pretty ... (sorry, did someone say that already?)!!! Isn't it funny how papercrafters the world over all love to stroke their paper?! I have loads that is "too good" to actually use and has to be kept for stroking only! That's why the G45 pads are so good, as there are 3 of each design, so some to use and some to keep to look at!

Halloween is not such a big event here in the UK, but I love the bright colours and especially the sunflower and leaves patterns. I have an idea for using the starry sky paper too. Oh, my daughter is a Harry Potter fan, so the witches hats could be very useful too.

The Ladies Diary papers are lovely on the reverse side as well. I do hope that they will do stamps to go with them, especially the teapot and the dogrose images.

I can't wait for them to start arriving in the UK and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with them all.


Dana B

Those papers look wonderful! Can't wait to see what you do with all of this. I'm really at a loss when it comes to stickers as to how to use them so they don't just scream sticker :)

Have a great day!

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