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Sharon Y (sharona62)

Well done Jim! Very creative and useful. Thank You for the tutorial.

Sharon aka sharona 62

Jill in Frisco


Barbara Albrecht

Love them both!! Thanks for the PDS tutorial, too!! I know it takes lots of time to put together the tutorials and want you to know how much I appreciate you doing that for all of us.

kay (texfolkart)

oh thanks for the tutorial...gotta make one of these! Very creative...and of course my favorite Olde Curiosity Shop!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Estelle in Hernando, MS

Jim, I love the both, but am partial to the baby one since we have 2 new babies in our family and one of the mother's loves things that are "homemade", thanks to my loving sister. I diffently will be casing this one.
You are so smart! Keep up the good work and sharing those great ideas floating around in your head. LOL

Lynn Wild

They are both lovely Jim (of course). Trust you to come up with two different alternatives though - don't you ever sleep?!!! Thank you once again for sharing your creativity with us mere mortals!

Lynn Wild

Dana B

These are excellent. This would be wonderful for my craft room. I've downloaded directions. Now let's see if I get this done by the end of summer :)

Nancy Schultz

Love both of them! Thank you so much for the tutorial just got to make one of these you are totally awesome!


Great work!!
Love them both!


Well, aren't you just stinkin fabulous! I love it. I want it. I will have to make it. Awesome use of wall space and I have lots of nooks and crannies in the craft room for just such an animal!


Very nice Jim! These would be wonderful to have in different rooms(especially close to desk areas) around the house. AWESOME!


Another wonderfully creative project!


Love both of these! I am opening a small shop for crafting and this will look great by my desk, as well as be useful.

Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful talent and creativity.


Oh, how clever. I love this idea...great for a narrow space!


These are so creative and a wonderful way to decorate a wall! Thanks Jim.

Trudie (aka crzyladycrafts)

All right--'Fess up. How did you stage those so perfectly? --The crackled wall behind one, and the pristine white behind the other with perfectly styled accompaniments... Hmmm. That settles it.--You're coming to my house!


Great job - love them!


That is a perfect "Charging Station"! I can hang it in the guest room next to a "free" outlet and put my cell phone in one cubby, my work phone in another cubby, and my MP3 player in the third! I can charge and keep chargers in one central place!



These are sooo cute! Either one would be perfect in my cubicle at work if I actually had some room to spare!! Great idea Jim.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

How neat Jim! This would make an awesome project for those small places that need a little organizing and a lot of personality. Thanks for sharing your cool ideas!

Stephanie S.

What a awesome project. Both are fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us.

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