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Kay (Texfolkart)

Oh wow! My clock!!!!!!!!! Love the grandmother clock with the pendulum!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!


WOWEEEE Jim, I'm so excited to see your name and picture on the G45 blog finally!!!! And all those fantastic pictures of your brilliant projects!! Everyone is wowed by your projects especially the Ferris Wheel!

You really must share with us all how you manage to take such great photo's of your projects!

Here is to the creative magical journey you will have on the G45 team for the next year or.....more! xo

The Gentleman Crafter

Thank you Kay and Cassandra!  Yes, heres to a year with G45!  Cant wait!


Kay (Texfolkart)

Watched your video....not too bad...could tell you were nervous...can't imagine why...your projects are AWESOME! Congrats again!


A little nervous, but a great video to watch. I saw your introduction over at the G45 blog and it's great. On one hand, I am a bit surprised at your day job. With your precision and attention to detail in your projects, I figured you were an engineer! LOL On the other hand, you must get a lot of inspiration on your day job with being able to shop so many places. I think G45 made a very wise choice when they added you to their design team!

Susy C

Ooooeer! You posted at 6.26am. Still the middle of the night for me :)

Your G45 intro was great. I too love punch cards. I used to work with computers and could have collected hundreds of used cards, but now I don't and punch cards are no longer a used medium, they are almost impossible to find. What I could do with them these days!

Good luck and best wishes for the next year. Congratulations.

Lynn Wild

Congratulations Jim! Your introduction on the Graphic 45 blog is great - they obviously think a lot of you there (quite rightly in my opinion)!
I was intrigued by your resume - please would you show us some of your birdhouses?! I could also do with some decorating tips for my wedding reception in September!
Having looked again at your Olde Curiosity Shoppe project I was struck by how difficult it must have been to get fully opening drawers set into a box with sloping sides! You truly are a genius and I too would have thought that you'd had some sort of engineering background. I love how everytime I look at one of your projects I see another detail that I didn't spot first time around. Your projects ought to be in a museum so that generations to come can marvel at them!
I shall stop now as I'm gushing like your friends' toilet! We wouldn't want you to get big headed now (as if you would) - your top hat wouldn't fit!!!



I can't find the intro video! I love what they wrote about you....they get you and your passion for crafting. I'll have to check back later, after my coffee. :)


Oh my gosh!! I love your projects for your intro to Graphic 45!! They are fansastic, and SO unique. I can hardly wait to see more :)

becky jeffress

Loved your intro on G45 and seeing your art again, so well deserved! I know we will continue to see great things from you and you have already become one of my "favorite" things! Congratulations, Jim!!!!!

Barbara Albrecht

WOW!!! I had no idea the clock and obelisk were so big!! Love, LOVE all 3 projects...such attention to detail!!

Loved the video...and truly didn't laugh once. You did a really nice job presenting your projects...nervous...yes but really a nice job...especially for your 1st video. Thanks for sharing the link to the vid...know you didn't really want to.


Congratulations Jim, just watched the video, and and each time I watch it, I see something on your projects I missed the time before, some little embellishment , a hidden drawer, always special to see the projects again and again! You are a great addition to the G45 team, they know great talent when they see it! I hope this year is filled with unexpected wonderful surprises, you certainly deserve to enjoy your journey. The good thing for me is I get to also enjoy your journey, you always share! Thank you!

shari (cricutrookie)

Jim, I'm so excited for you on your debut at Graphic 45. All of your projects are amazing!!!! You truely are a creative guy, thanks for sharing your talent with us. I'm still waiting for you to do some u-streams with your projects.

cathy L

You're the next Tim Holtz, they saved the best for last. Great job Jim. Love following you and your vacation was just wonderful. cathy

Sara Jansen

Dude...I was expecting a train wreck. The video is fine. Trust me I've been watching you tube A LOT lately and if this was your first you are already SOOOOO much better than most. You'll be great. Excited to see you on G 45 today. Take care

Gail Elizabeth

Congratulations on your G45 debut! I think your submission video was great! I saw bits of the projects that I didn't catch before, especially the size of each creation! Even more amazing than before! I'm so happy for you that your talent is being recognized by so many!


Jim, your video was great! I'm so glad that you are part of the graphic45 team. Their papers are my fav. and now I get to look forward to seeing more projects from you with their papers(BEST COMBO)! CONGRATS!


Congrats on your accomplishment. G45 is lucky to have you; we are lucky to have you inspire us.


You have so much talent that it ooozed from your pores! What a fantastic day for you!!! So happy that you are on the Graphic 45 design team. I'm with you - 'I LOVE LOVE Graphic 45'!!! Here's to your upcoming year and all the fun stuff you'll bring us!

Pamela Davis

Jim, I thought you did fine on your video. Yes, nervous but you did great. Anyway, you aren't there for the talking you will do but the crafting. But I bet you aren't at a loss for words very often either.

Congrats again on making the team. They know what they are doing by adding you.

Pam Davis

Nancy Wethington

You are crazy talented! So happy you made the team this year. Can hardly wait to see what's in your future.

Michelle Flower

Oh Wow!! Just seen your creations on G45 Blog via Facebook!

What can I say! Just AMAZING!!

Michelle Flower

The Gentleman Crafter

Thank you Nancy!  You are truly an inspiration to us all!  I miss ya and was so looking forward to being with you on the team.  What were they thinking?  Hahaha!

I so appreciate you taking the time to comment!  Its most appreciated!

Heres to the paper crafter around....Nancy!



Gosh, I'm a day late checking all of your blog entries, but hopefully not a dollar short!

You have now arrived, but we all knew you'd get there! Never any doubt that G45 would recognize your talent and that you could fill a niche for those of us looking for something with a more masculine edge. Looking forward to seeing what you create throughout the year for G45 and beyond!

Annette Alexander

So happy for you Jim, love all the graphic 45 projects, and so excited for what you'll make going forward, you detail on all your designs are amazing. Your truly are a very gifted gentleman. Again thanks for sharing your amazing vacation with all us, just love reading your journalling as well. You mom should be very proud she raised a great son, and so thoughtful for you to post here so she can know your safe as well as enjoy your journey. TFS

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