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Annette McCarty

Hi JIm, I am really loving this video and want to follow along. How do I get to the next one? Tape 2? Thank you for sharing.

Annette McCarty amcca8144

Kay (Texfolkart)

Thanks for the video. Jim.....loved it! Watched as they went up.....was like a mini series!

Barb E

Thanks for sharing this fun project! Annette, Go to You Tube and search for the gentleman crafter. They are all listed there.


Great videos, Jim...I soooooooo need that cutter! LOL

Lynn Wild

I enjoyed episode one and am looking forward in anticipation to the next exciting installment! Hope work was OK today.


Sharon Y

Thanks for the video Jim. Have watched part 1 of the mini series so far. Love watching your process. The way you break things down makes it easy to follow. Look forward to watching the rest. Hope you have a great first week back from vacation.

Sharon aka sharona62

Nan Robkin

Love the "shortcuts"! Lining the box pieces up visually, for instance, and using the ruler to create the gap you need between. Can't wait for #2!

Sheri Bisogno

Hi Jim - Thanks for the video. I have wanted to make the explosion box since you first shared it with us. I watched the entire mini-series last night. Great tips sprinkled throughout. One question, I missed the measurements for the pieces that line the sides and inside top of the top of the box. I think you cut them just an 1/8" shorter than the chipboard pieces. Thanks, hope the first day back to reality was a smooth one. Sheri B.

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