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Annette Alexander

so its this what we maybe saw you starting while you were on vacation?
Another great project, and I can't wait to see how you make a lighthouse to go along with your vacation theme

Thanks as always for sharing you amazing talent with all of us.


Thanks...I love the fold out pages... It's a very cool project!

Lynn Wild

Very nice! I do like the way you have those little tags peeking out at the top of the pages and spelling "Thanks" - genius!


shari (cricutrookie)

Jim, This mini is so cool! Thanks also for the great tutorial.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Thanks Jennie for asking Jim to show us the inside of this cool project! The pages are even cooler than I thought they were!

Lori C

Very cool....and a big thanks for the PDF file.


Thanks for adding the page pics but I'd really love to see you add them to the PDF file too, that way I can save them all on one document.... Pretty Please!!

Barbara Albrecht

Wow...didn't realize the pages folded out. Thanks Jennie for asking Jim to show us the inside of the book.

Thanks again for sharing, Jim!!

The Gentleman Crafter

Done Katina!  Done!

Debi Jackson-Schnabel

As always Jim.. INSPIRATIONAL!!I just wish my Dad was still alive to make this for him.. tyfs

jennie outterson

Thanks for doing that for us. I'm glad I asked. It is awesome.

Marie Bernadette Abalos

Love all that you do. just wanted to let you know I check your blog everyday, moved it up on my blog favorites to #2, Ms. Laura is first.

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