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Oh wow! How awesome to see how it works! You did an excellent job creating this project.


All of your project for Graphic45 are awesome, but the ferriswheel is so WAUW!. So, yes please let see how it works.

Lynn Wild

Firstly - what a relief to see you looking so well (I thought you'd be covered in cuts and bruises after Sunday's adventure)!
Secondly - your ferris wheel is so ingenious! I am in awe of you being able to think all that up - sheer genius!


Paul B

Glad your okay. Wonderful video. That is one heck of a project. I know I also say it but i'm still bowled over by how talented you are. Px


You are so wonderful. Thanks for the video, it is even more special to see it in action. I think it is one of the best projects I have ever seen. Excited that their will be a tutorial. Thanks for sharing your extraordinary talent!

Helen Allen

Hi Jim - what an awesome project! Well done on making the G45 team. Looking at this you thoroughly deserve it.

Barbara Albrecht

Thanks for the video and the explanation on how it all works.

Hope of your's & Cesar's aches and pains are getting less each day!!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Very cool Jim! Great project idea. Thank you for the video demonstration!


This is so way over the top....the big top! Tee hee pun. I can't believe the details and I loved how you just took apart the clock in the hallway, made me laugh. (And I just sent one to Goodwill yesterday...dang it!) You are such a true crafter.


That is just amazing!! You are soo talented. I see Tim Holtz,CHA in your future!!

Sharon Ong

Hey Jim!! Your ferris wheel is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen! Super!!! :)


Wow! Great project! Can't wait til the tutorial, glad you are feeling better.

Gloria Stengel

Hey, it gets stuck at the top just like the real Ferris wheel. I love that it is a working wheel. So cool. You need to add a music box. My senior project in engineering school was a musical door bell....maybe we can modify it.... Hee hee


This was the project that made me decide if you were not picked for G45 that I was boycotting. You don't know how glad I am to know I don't have to do that LOL. This has to be the greatest thing ever. I think it is just spectacular. One thing I especially love the fact that your work actually showcases the beautiful papers that we hate to cut up without lots of embellishment yet its so complex and functional. *sigh* You ROCK Jim!

Beth Arp

This is fantastic and it moves too! Graphic 45 makes my world go around!!! Love your pup, want one some day!


AWESOME! TUTORIAL US JIM! I found you via Laura Denison. You cause quite a stir during her ustream classes so I wanted to find out who the trouble maker was. Turns out you are another GENIUS!

I love the books you put in for your G45 submission. I'd love to see a tutorial on those too!

Dana B

wow. That is so amazing. Config boxes for the chairs?! Rubber bands for the real gears? You crack me up. Way to go for out of the box thinking :) If you do a tutorial on this, I will make it. wow.

Nike Norge

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