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Lynn Wild

Thanks for the video Jim. I have a new rotary cutter that I've just bought to cut fabric with - does the chipboard blunt the blade at all? My personal trimmer is not as heavy duty as yours is,so I may have to stick with using a craft knife for now.


Tony Stubblefield

Great minds must think alike as I was just wondering how you cut your chip board.



I'd love to have a rotary cutter like that, but I guess it's the old craft knife for now...LOL. Thanks for the video.
I also want to say thanks for answering questions from those of us that don't have much experience yet. You are always so gracious about sharing your knowledge, and I haven't found that with a lot of people.

Barbara Albrecht

Would love to have the rotatrim but as you said...way to pricey for my use.

Because you told me about the hand held rotary trimmers a while ago, I got like a charm.

For those of you still using a craft knife... I would highly recommend the hand held trimmer...get it with a coupon at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby...makes it really reasonable.


Love, love, love the new photo with the hat!!!! The new background is nice as well. I hope you use it for your Graphic 45 headshot. It suits you, sir.

Kim S.

I, too was going to ask how you cut your chipboard. Thanks for giving us all your little secrets.

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

Lynn and Cait,

Like Barbara was saying, the rotary cutter is the best way to go. I used and still use them. I believe I purchased mine for like $12.99 US. Like Barb suggested, take a coupon for 40 Off. Makes it a deal and the clean straight lines you get are incredible!!!

When I had my Etsy store up and going, I received an order for 100 plus explosion boxes!!!! I make my explosion boxes out of chipboard. So, I thought It's time to upgrade! Really from necessity! The Rotatrim is a jewel of a tool and I highly recommend it to folks who cut tons of chip.

Also, I can't recall which cutter Kathy Orta from Paper Phenomenon uses, but it looks like an awesome cutter too. I had emailed her earlier to find out, but haven't heard back from her yet. If someone knows, please post it.

Thanks Gang!

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

Lynn, to answer your question, I imagine it would indeed dull your blade. However, I would buy a pack of blades and designate one for chipboard. Try it, you'll like it!

Tony and Kim, I'm so glad I answered your question. Tony, how are the baskets coming? You are one talented man! If y'all get a chance check out his collection of baskets and his blog at....

Trudie, Trudie, Trudie! You ROCK!!!! Thank you Ma'am! I love that hat! It was a gift to me for making the G45 DT! Glad you like the map background too. I love old maps! I find them fascinating to look at.

Thanks Again You All!


Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

It's me again!

Ooops, sorry y'all. I missed the email from Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon (
about her cutter. It was sitting there in my inbox the whole time. It's called a Premier StakCut. Here's the link....

Thank You Kathy! You Rock!



I'm loving your video's Jim, thanks so much for sharing! It is always handy to know how other crafter's are doing things.
Love the hat too, if I was you I'd add some rusty cogs and a feather to it though lol.


Watch it with the driving comments...I can still take you out shorty!!

Lynn Wild

Hi Jim, thanks for the info. It looks like a handheld rotary cutter is the way to go for now!
I tried the link to see Tony's baskets but it led to a stoore for Jackets rather than a blog - sorry!
Your new hat makes you look very distinguished too :)



Jim, could you post the name of your cutter. I couldn't read it upside down and didn't catch it in the video. thanks so much. Glad to see you doing videos now. And that you are surviving crashes and storms.


Thanks for the video on cutting chipboard. I think I "need" that RotoTrim cutter now. I do a lot of chipboard cutting for album covers and that sure makes it look easy.


I have that exact Rotatrim cutter and it cuts medium weight chipboard without a problem. Like Jim said, it's a bit of an investment but I've had mine for 6 yrs or so and the blade has never dulled and cuts as beautifully today and it did the day I bought it. For some reason, I tried a hand held rotary blade and I just can't seem to get a good cut. The blade itself was fine - I think it was the operator! I must hold it at an angle because all of my cuts were angled and not straight. Like I said, its the operator and not the blade!

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

Good Morning!

Theresa and Delo,

The name of the cutter is a Rotatrim. Here is the link....

I have the 15" Mastercut II

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments!



I forgot about my hand rotary cutter. Thanks for reminding me. Hey Jim, what happened to the security code box for posting comments? It's been MIA for a few days.


I looked at the Rotatrim but everything I found said it would not cut chipboard so I went with a Carl Heavy Duty that uses a carbide (I think that is what it is called) blade. I love it. I like that I can do about 20 pages of copy paper at once. It locks down before cutting and that helps it from pushing the paper/chipboard when cutting. I've had mine for 5 or 6 years now and haven't needed to change the blade yet. I do have to replace blades and mat strips but that doesn't bother me. My only regret is that I purchased the 12" and now wish I had gone with the 15 or 18".

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

Hi Dena, So glad you like your cutter. sounds great! Will have to go check it out.
Back to the Rotatrim...Oh, it will cut chipboard. Anything up to 0.12 inches. So that's about what? an 1/8 of an inch. It cuts it like buttah!


Lynn S

Hey, Jim...would you please message me with the name and price of the rotary cutter, and the price of the Rotatrim and where to get either one. Also, where do you buy your chipboard?

Have been meaning to post something about the horrible accident. So glad that you and Cesar are both ok. After reading the post about your drive to work, I can so relate. My car was rear-ended several years ago in Kingsland (with my two grandsons in the back seat!!) and the car that hit us was about 20 years old - a tank, basically - and I was then pushed into a truck with a gigantic trailer hitch. I have not stopped looking in my rearview mirror 90 times a minute since then!!

Lorraine Padden

So glad to hear you are back in your routine. The accident looked truly awful. So glad you and yours are doing well.

Susy C

Hi Jim, I just wanted to stop by and say a BIG thank you for all the free tutorials and videos you share with us all. Without the generosity of crafters like yourself, I at least would struggle for inspiration and know how. Many thanks again. Susy C

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