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As always a great way to start the day, great story that just comes alive..yes I can see the chase down the street! LOL....enjoy the day!


oh gods....I am laughing so hard at the "landing strip"! I really like your tutorials and videos, but I live for your stories...LOL

June-Marie (mermaid49)

Thanks for sharing!...I wept when reading it....nice way to brighten my morning....have a super weekend...


Scripture talks about the law of sowing and away mosquito eaters, laaaand AWAY!!!!!!!! 

The Gentleman Crafter

And That would be my sister!  See, still sooo affectionate!  Hahahahaha!


Wanda H.

I don't do well with insects and i avoid going to the yard because I don't like the ants. I run like a scared little girl if a fly enters the house (what a wimp) I know. I love reading your post today.

Lynn Wild

I don't like insects either but you really made me smile reading this! As for your "landing strip" - grass doesn't grow on a busy street my friend!


Mardi May

So funny!!!! about like my young cat Mr. Image he's bug obsessed, lyes around with head to the ceiling anything moves and it's"Is That A bug gotta have it" (my hero) LOL.I'm afaraid it's going to be a bad year with the bugs. Boo Hoo.


Hysterical!! I'm still giggling. Sounds like my brothers and me. Boy, could we trade some stories... Lovely Saturday treat, Gentle Jim.


Jim, I love your're so funny! I,m so afraid of mice and my brothers (4 of them) would touch me around the ankles without me seeing them and I'd start screaming like a lunatic. Just seeing a mice makes my skin crawl. Thanks for the laugh. P.S. I'm glad you and your friend are doing well.

Nan G

What a hoot! Your stories are terrific! What a great way to brighten a gloomy day. :D I'll send my Baby Roo your way. She'll ride draped around your neck and eat anything that comes within landing range! :)) She's a great little kitty! Look forward to your G45 projects!! Have a good weekend!


Jim, you are the best story teller! Your posts always amuse me so and brighten up my day!
I can relate to being over bugs as earlier this year at 8.30pm one night my house was all of a sudden full of flying bugs from floor to ceiling, it lasted over two hours, I eventually found out they were termites (trust me I was not happy) as the conditions this season were obviously just right. Unfortunately it happened two more nights before we could get a termite company to begin treatment and I am not a bug person at all! I had them down my top and in my hair!!!!!
My sympathies to you in your bug predicament Jim!! lol


Now we know what to get you for your of those netting suits beekeepers wear! Ha Ha! Jim, did you know skeeter eaters don't really eat skeeters, nor do they bite people. They just look like they are from the dinosaur age. My fear, spiders on the ceiling above my bed. Oh Lord if I lose site of it, I know it has crawled in my ear! Hope you survived your day in the jungle!

Therese (solucky)


The Gentleman Crafter


Sadly, I already own one of those suits complete with pith helmet and veil!  HAHAHAHA!  Seriously!  One of the reason I moved out to the sticks was to keep bees!  Go figure that one out!  HHAHAHAH!  The bees are still here, however, the smoker,veil and beekeepers costume still remain untouched in the barn. And Oh yeah...Great, I never thought of spiders in your ear!  Perfect.  Ill be crawling into bed soon!  :)



Jim - If you were my neighbor, you would really get the creepy crawlies when a wood tick walked across that spot! Usually you can feel them for a couple days after the event!


Hmm, yep figures there is a mischievious look in your eyes!!


I think I really like your sister, Kim. Despite the fact she stole my name. LOL. You get what you deserved. Ain't siblings great?

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