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Wow. I usually check in once a day to see all the new things you've come up with Jim. Today is chucky jam packed! .... and I'm first to comment. Enjoy your trip. Be safe.

Kim S.

ROAD TRIP! My last roadtrip was Montana to California last summer to move mom and boy was that FUN! Driving a 24' truck through the mountains. I haven't been to the coast in over 12 years. I am jealous. I expect to see sea shells embellishing your "road projects". Stay away from gluing starfish, clams, crabs and shrimp to the boxes. They start to stink after a while!


Lynn Wild

Fabulous views of the beach there Jim! Your type of "travelling light" looks just like mine - are you sure we're not related (I wish)?!
Enjoy your break (you lucky thing).

Lynn Wild

linda pok

Enjoy there is nothing like the ocean sound and ocean smell
And good luck but you dont need it you stuff is wonderful

Nan G

Posting and crafting on fly oops drive! You did great! And will do same in G45! Just can't take a true vaca tho' , huh? Got craft no matter where! Try and enjoy the beach!

Pamela Davis

Let me be the first to congratulate you here on your blog for making it to the finals with Graphic 45. It is so deserving. I am excited for you.

Pam Davis


Huge Congratulations on making it to the finals with Graphic 45 - cheering you on!!!

Gail E

Congratulations on making the top 30!!! So exciting! You can exhale now and truly enjoy your vacation!!


I just knew you would make the top 30 and yes indeedy you did!!!!! So happy for you.

Ruby C

So happy for you! Now enjoy the rest of your time on the coast! I am enjoying all of your posts.

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