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Nicole Clark

Jim these are amazing... you have such an eye for detail... I am glad there is a man who is creating such amazing pieces...and I LOVE that you are proud of it.. Keep up the amazing work !


You are a fast learner. Your work is gorgeous as well as a great inspiration! I luv all of the projects you created for the G 45 DT effort but the Watch Case is phenomenal! I may have to make something like that for my hubby!
Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us all.

Jen Cuthbertson

I'm a new fan, Jim! Your projects are by far and away the best I've seen for this call! Genius!


These projects r awsome. I saw your first project the other day u gave Laura mthat fantastic file floder beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Love your items


oops not mthat just that folder not floder fingers not moving right sorry


I'd wish you luck...but with your awesome Talent...I doubt your gonna need it!

Lyn Gill

Congrats on being chosen for round one! You are such an inspiration. I'm totally new to mixed media altered art(even though I'm not a new to crafting)so I'm looking forward to see what beautiful creations you have in store for us over the coming year!

Nancy Wethington

Congratulations!!! You so deserve to be on the team. Good luck in the next round.

Laura Cummings

Shazaam! that's some serious eye candy jim! i'm fairly speechless. your work is absolutely gorgeous. and the detail you put in to each project! makes my heart sing!! good luck with the g45 selection process. Laura in Belgium

Keren Tamir

wow this fantastic!! just out of this world!!

Tara Orr

Congrats on making the top 30!! Wonderful work!


Congratulations! I just saw you listed as a Graphic 45 finalist. Not surprised.

Cricket Morrison

You are unbelieveable...what talent, congratulations on the top 30. It could not happen to a better guy!

Clare Charvill

Hi Jim, congratulations on getting into the final. Bw :-) from the UK


Stupendous works of art! Love your thought processes and directions. Hopefully you will make it to the final cut, I love an alternative point of view when it comes to art. Best wishes as we continue to explore, wait and admire the detailed intracasies of great artists!


Oh. MY. GOSH! Your work is AMAZING!


Beautiful projects... congrats!

Patti LaGue

Fabulous!!! Love Every Design!! Amazing!! Congrats on Making the Top 30!!!

Carol Robinson

wow ..... you have amazing talent.


Amazing work...! Just gorgeous!

Sarah White

Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing work Jim! Congratulations!!! Hope you make it on to the team.


Ah-MAZING work! You are a shoe-in for the G45 DT! ❤

Sara Jansen

Like so many others...WoW. I started on the first project and was kind of blown away, and then on the next, the next, and the next. You have a sensibility that is not represented on their site and believe me, if I got to vote, you'd be my first choice. Way to go dude. Good luck!!


Beautiful projects. Congrats on making the final 30 :)


Congratulations on making the top 30 Jim - knew you could do it with such amazing projects!


Amazing work, congratulations on getting through to the next round. I'm sure you'll make the team.



Jim your work and talent is MAGNIFICANT! I'm glad I took the time to look through the links that Graphic 45 posted otherwise I don't know when I would have been exposed to your wonder works of art.

Good luck and it would be so nice to have a gentleman on that team!

Kathy McGraw

I love the flying pigs the most but everything else is super as well. Good luck


These are wonderful - so detailed and different from what's out there already!!! I Love your Work!!!!


Amazing work- so much complexity, innovation and texture! I'm totally blown away. I think you are a show in. Good luck but you won't really need it- your skill stands on it's own.

Jane Tregenza

Hi Jim
so glad to see your name on the list, I am sure you have a spot already! looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
all the best

Julie H.

Absolutely blown away by your creativity! Wonderful work and you are sure to be a front runner! Good luck!

I have to say all of your projects are fantastic, but my favorite is the heart!


Such stunning projects. Your work is amazing. Congrats on the top 30. Hope you make it all the way. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

Renee Zarate

I am so glad you entered. I am sure you will be chosen as the G45 KING! I love your work as do many others.

Marcie  Smith

Fantastic work and creativity Jim. Best of luck!!!! It would be wonderful to have a male's perspective on the team as well. Love your work. Hope to see your name on the final cut.

Beth W

Yup you'd definitely get my vote.Sure hope to be seeing you on the G45 blog soon!

ReNae Allen

I think you are probably one of the finest paper crafters in the world. I have been viewing blogs and websites for 2 1/2 years now, as I have just begun this hobby. In those years your work has impressed me more than anyone's. I am so happy you have been selected in the top 25 and would suspect that you will go all the way! Bravo!


wow wow wow i am speachless (which doesn't happen very often lol) you certainly deserve a spot on the design team good luck and well done on your fantastic projects!!!


Wow!! Have been stalking your blog for a little while now and love your style and what you do. Congrats and good luck. I am sure you will be picked.


So glad you made finalist! Look forward to seeing more of your work!!


So inventive, and beautifully done. Bon Chance.

Dana B

Catching up on some blogging. These projects are amazing. I love your work. I _need_ those book drawers! :) Hope all is going/went well with this contest!!

Kathleen Sigg

Jim, your work is fabulous! You definitely deserve a place on the team!

Lyn Gill

Ahhhhhh!!! Congrats Jim!!! I'm so excited for you! I know you will wow us all! Just keep doing what you LynzCraftz

ta carbone

Congratulations for making the Graphic 45 design team. I can't wait to see what you come up with during the year as your art working is Fasinating



Holly Cow! Did you pass out??? A huge congrats to you on your well deserved Design Team spot!!! Can't wait to see what you create!!!! Go bang on your neighbors door and offer them a beer to celebrate!

Maria Cole

Jim, your projects are soooo unique and inspiring -- you had my vote a Looooong time ago!! So a HUGE congrats this morning to you!! Well-deserved and I can't wait to see your DT creations!!!


great work jim, were did you buy that stack of book drawers???? i want one of those units!!!!
congrat's on your DT


Congrats on making the Graphic 45 Design Team!

M-C Graves

I am totally in awe! Congratulations on making the design team! You certainly do thing outside the box, well maybe it's what's inside the box too, but you know what I mean!


All I can say is "HOLY GUACAMOLE"!!! These are fabulous! Congratulations!


Woo Hoo! You did it - congratulations on making the 2012 Graphic 45 team. Your work is amazing and an inspiration to a new papercraft artist like myself.


Amazing post... love your work! Congrats on making the Graphic 45 DT. Look for ward to a year of inspiration!

tony robson

congratulations mister!! you were a shu-win definately! awesome talent. best wishes, tony x


CONGRATULATIONS, your work really deserves this showcase arena! God Bless you!

Tracee Provis

OMG! your projects are some of the most stunning papercraft projects I've ever seen! Well done on making the team, can't wait to see more. . . .Tx

Jill in Frisco

My oh My!!! I haven't been this impressed in a very long time, I'm so glad I stopped in to look at your submissions. Graphic 45 are extremely lucky to have you on their design team.

Jane Teo

Hi Jim! Your work is really amazing and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

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