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Heather H.

i love the addition of the straps :)

Margaret Ann Moffat

wow love how you have done this

Sunshine Girl

Oh wow this is fabulous - I havent made an exploding box for years but now feel the urge to make one! Talking of which your configuration box robot inspired me to make an advent snowman - link is here if you want a quick peek - Thanks for the inspiration!

Sunshine Girl

sorry the above link doesnt work - just click on my blog name when it appears

Ruby C

Very nice! Love the vintage valise look!


This is right up my alley! Love the handles. I need to make one of these. Thanks for the post.

Lynn Wild

Jim, this is fantastic! I've made a few exploding boxes before, but this one would be just perfect to give to a man, and you'd never guess that it held a gift card!
Thanks for your inspiration.
Lynn Wild, UK.


Wow! Awesome box, man! And it's always nice to see another creative guy...that's not afraid to blog about it.

Kudos Jim!

And: Happy Thanksgiving!


Wonderful idea~certainly makes my brain start thinking more creatively!!


Wow...your exploding box is stunning! Love your creativity! Did you use real leather for the straps?
Take care, Vina

Dana B

lol :) this is great!!

Alicia Gnam

Beautiful box! A great idea for gift giving. :)

Terrie Lightfoot

Your explosion box is FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing it with us!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Terrie!  It was a fun box to make! 

The Gentleman Crafter


These are awesome! I've made these but never thought to create a lid that actually stayed on! LOL

The Gentleman Crafter


LOL!  I know I know! 

Thanks Tons!

The Gentleman Crafter

Bev Leeson

Hi Jim, I must confess that I have only just arrived at your Blog from a link through The Most Amazing MAN Crafter Mr TIM. I can see that I'll be visiting lots, so have subscribed. It is so refreshing to find more Male crafters out there I wish more would Blog.I thought I saw somewhere that you have an Etsy Shop if so would you kindly put the Link Up I just LOVE this box and would love to buy one. Also I'm from Australia and have sent out the call to look you up so you might find you will have a following from Down Under too.Many Thanks........

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Bev!

Oh the Etsy store....If I could stop playing with Tims Tags long enough!  LOL!  Im The Gentleman Crafter on Etsy as well.  Sadly there is nothing on it as I had completely closed up shop to get the BIG order done which consumed all my time.  Now that Im off box duty, I need to work on it! 

The Gentleman Crafter


Jim do u have a pattern for this box I love this so masculine


OMG, a few days ago I found your blog and I can't stop saying hes work is amazing, I love the boxes and everything. The paper the color I just love it. I have to said your art is really good I will follow you and enjoy all you share with us. I prove to my hubby men do craft and good ones. Thanks for all you share.

Debbie Tuttle

I was looking thru your blog and came across this exploding album. It's wonderful! I have found the perfect Christmas gift for my cousins who are spread all over the country. They all love old photos of our family. This will be such a suprise. Thank you for your inspiration. I just received my Graphic 45 Ladies Diary pps and I think I'm going to start with a jewelry box for the peices of bling that I have inheretited from my Mom, Aunts, and Grandma.Looking forward to your next project.

The Gentleman Crafter

Thats awesome Debbie!  They are great gifts.  OOOh!  Jewelry box.  I have one started but it lays dead on the dining room table.  Incomplete!  Hahaha!  Would love to see your when done.


Stephanie S.

Very nice and good to find your blog. Look forward to more of your wonderful ideas.


I'm new here, but I have to say this box is phenomenal. Absolutely brilliant work! I am looking forward to seeing more.

Tami Rinehart

Wow.....Thats the nicest one I have ever seen. GREAT JOB!!!!! Love the straps and the vintage feel!!!

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